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Swoove Will Be At LAF2017!

Swoove means to sing, whoop and move and is a singalong exercise class.  Lindfield resident Esther Featherstone officially launched her fitness concept at the Lindfield Arts Festival two years ago in 2015 and it has gone from strength to strength!  This year she is bringing Swoove Mash Up to the festival on the Sunday.  This class lets you try 4 different types of the 30 Swoove class formats.  You could have 15 minutes of Box, Drum, Stretch and Fitness or 15 minutes of Swoove X, Combat, Cheer and Skip!  Which will it be?!  To find out come along at 3pm and Swoove yourself sunnier!  You won’t be disappointed!

Suitable for all ages.

Class duration: 1 hour.

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