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Kirlian ‘hand aura’ photography will be at LAF2017!

‘Nigel and Susie Hutchings of Fullspectrum Homoeopathic and Hypnotherapy Centre are offering Kirlian photographs on Saturday 9th September at the Lindfield Arts Festival’s Day

Go to  to find out what it is all about.

If you would like your kirlian ‘aura’ photograph and reading with Odette Volpeliere-Pierrot, our experienced and gifted kirlian reader pop along to Fullspectrum at 33, High Street on the day. After a brief kirlian reading we will email the digital image to you so you can print it out or use it as a screen saver. You will also be given a self-interpretation kirlian hand map to help you continue your understanding of your unique experience.’

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