FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


Q 1. I’d like to become more involved with the Arts Festival. Can I volunteer to help on the day and how do I do this?

=> Absolutely! Volunteers are the heart and soul of our festival. Without the help and dedication from them and the community we would not be able to host a successful festival. e-mail us: enquiries@lindfieldartsfestival.com 

Q 2. Are there any opportunities for a late food stall/entertainment/bands?

=> Please email us with your offering. You can to stay updated on applications for 2017 by checking the website or contacting enquiries@lindfieldartsfestival.com

Q 3. Will there be designated parking areas on the day?

=> We strongly encourage you to use public transport to prevent congestion around the area on Festival day. The High Street will be closed; however there are car parks in The Wilderness, off Compton Road and in Denmans Lane. The Common also has public car parking available beside both the Bowling Green and Tennis Courts.

Q 4. What is the main initiative behind the Lindfield Arts Festival concept?

=> The Lindfield Arts Festival was conceived as a platform to showcase local talent, arts, drama and music. It is a canvas for the community to have a voice and for ideas, concepts and creativity to be shared with everybody in the area. A playground for all businesses, sponsors, local artists and the community to come to join in the fun!

Q 5. Do I need a ticket to get into any areas on the day of the Festival?

=> The Lindfield Arts Festival is generally a completely free community event*, which we have our sponsors to thank for! We strive to keep the Festival open to all members of the public to enjoy as part of the local culture! However, there are restrictions on capacity to some events which means you need to register in advance to attend to avoid disappointment.

* There a couple of workshop events which require a fee. Register for your ticket and pay at SWALK in advance of the event. Numbers will be restricted

Q 6. Where are the toilets located?

=> Public toilets, including disabled facilities are situated in Denmans Lane, behind the Co-op Supermarket. Most event venues will also have amenities.

Q 7 . Will the Festival programmes be available in advance?

=> Yes. Printed copies will be distributed throughout the High Street in businesses leading up to Festival day, on the festival day itself around the festival site, and The Lindfield Arts Festival information stall will have programme copies as well. These will be available to pick up very soon! Programme available on the wesbsite, look under the Events tab to see the activities during the day.

Q 8. What services and activities are available for people with a disability?

=> Please contact enquiries@lindfieldartsfestival.com for more information. However, participation in the Graffiti workshops, the circus performances and activities are suitable for people with learning difficulties, low skill levels and physical challenges. There is a disabled toilet in Denmans Lane.  The majority of the venues are wheelchair accessible.

Q 9. Is it possible to access an ATM during the Festival and where will it be located?

=> Unfortunately Lindfield does not have a public ATM accessible to the street. However the Post Office is open all day and has the facility to withdraw money. The Co-op offers a ‘cashback’ service on purchasing goods.

Q 10. Are there any BYO areas?

=> No. Lindfield Arts Festival or Lindfield High Street are NOT licensed for any kind of public drinking and there are strict laws in place. On the spot fines may be issued by local Police.

Q 11. Where’s good to eat and drink in Lindfield?

Lindfield has several pubs, cafés and restaurants that will be open on Saturday 9th September. If you specifically want a table at a certain time, it is recommended you book in advance.


Q 13. We are a young family, what do you have in store for us?

=> There are a number of workshops for under 10s to join, as well as animated talks. Some of the performances will be engaging. The programme is specifically family friendly. The circus activities, graffiti workshops and creative workshops will be ideal for young families.

Q 14. Who are major sponsors of the Festival?

=> Without the support of the local councils, grant funders, and sponsors, the Lindfield Arts Festival would not happen. We appreciate their generosity and assistance to bring everything together for a fun-filled weekend.

Q 15. Where can I find more information or who do I contact about the Festival?

=> Any questions can be directed to enquiries@lindfieldartsfestival.com Alternatively, our Facebook page is a great resource for information!

Q 16. Who is responsible for the organisation of The Lindfield Arts Festival?

=> The Lindfield Arts Festival charity, 1150304 are the owners of the Festival. The Trustees and a volunteer committee organise the event.

Q 17. Is the Lindfield Art Festival  family friendly event?

=>  Yes, absolutely. The event is aimed at children and adults to help families have a great day out.

Q 18. Do I have to pay for the Festival?

=> There are no entry fees. Most of the events at the Festival are free. Please look at the website for paid or donation required events.

Q 19. How long does the Festival last for?

=> The festival starts on 17th Sept 2016, in the evening and ends on 19th Sept 2016.  Sunday 18th September, the Festival will be joining the Haywards Heath celebrations in their procession from the railway station to Victoria Park.

Q 20. How do I get to the Festival?

=> Nearest train station is Haywards Heath. Buses and Taxis available to get in the village. We will publish alternative bus routes as soon as we are given the details.

Q 21. Will there be food and drink available at the festival?

=> Yes – There will be food and drink stalls plus food served at the local pubs, restaurants and cafes.

Q 22. Emergency contact?

=> Saturday 9th there will be an Information Stall outside Field & Forrest.

Q 23. Where do I find the schedule of all the events in the festival.

=>  Please check the programme link on the website: