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Aquapax is a Sponsor of LAF2017!


Can Lindfield Arts Festival be a plastic free weekend?  We’ll try and with the help of Aquapax water for volunteers and VIP visitors we will go along way to showing Mid Sussex that we care not only about the environment but also about the quality of the water.

Aquapax is a ‘local company’ conceived and residing here in Mid-Sussex

Aquapax is one of the purest natural mineral waters on earth (suitable for infants) with a near perfect 7.065pH low mineral balance.

It is safely packaged inside lovingly designed (beautiful) and ecologically sensible, BPA free, paper cartons. Pure fresh water heals and transports vitamins, minerals, oxygen, enzymes, hormones and glucose to the body’s cells to ensure they function properly. It gives us energy and ensures our cells can function, reproduce and repair properly!

Sadly, poor quality water can have the opposite effect, while toxins leaching from plastic bottles can defeat what we’re trying to achieve
through drinking ‘fresh’ water.  Like fresh air, pure fresh water should have no taste whatsoever and anything you can taste is your tastebuds detecting something that should not be there.

If you really want to detox your body, drink pure, drink Aquapax and taste the difference!  #BPAfree #LeachFree #ditchtheplastic 🙂

Winner of the coveted International QATRAH award ‘Best Bottled Water’ Aquapax is the preferred pure mineral water of discerning people around the world. Amazon now delivers across Europe, however, if you can’t get Aquapax where you live, reach out and say hello… write to: 

A big thank you to Neil Tomlinson for your generosity.

Don’t forget to put the dates in your diary – 8th, 9th and 10th of September 2017 to visit Lindfield Arts Festival.

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